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Keyhole Surgery

Punarjani hospital provides key-hole surgery or minimal invasive surgery. less pain following the procedure. Less risk of complications. A shorter hospital stay. A quicker recovery. A much smaller scar.

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Our highly trained specialists can address problems of urinary leakage and voiding issues, bladder infections, prolapse of the pelvic organs, sexual issues, pelvic pain and lower bowel dysfunction

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Infertility Treatment

All couples that come to Punarjani are given an individual treatment programme according to the causes of their infertility. Specific treatment options will be discussed on a individual basis. Our goal is a healthy pregnancy for you!

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Our “Empowering Women to self confidence” model provides support, guidance, encouragement and the opportunity to express your emotions and explore your options. We provide help for a wide range of issues

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Punarjani Life Beats

Dr Sweety Punarjani Hospital, Pettah,Thiruvananthapuram

Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Dr Sweety talks about Poly cystic Ovarian Disease and its treatment.

Life Threats in Pregnancy

In this edition of Life Beats, Dr. Sweety talks about Life Threats in Pregnancy

Female Infertility

Dr.Sweety Punarjani Hospital Pettah speaks about Female Infertility, Reasons & Treatment